67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Room Three


“This happened quite a few years ago when I was at Uni. My friends and I were living on a ground floor flat and my room was at the front of the biulding, outside my window was the front garden.

My boyfriend (at the time) and I had literally just finished having sex and I put my head on the pillow and glanced to my right, which is where the window was. There was a gap between the curtain and the window and I was met with a pair eyes watching me.
We both (me and the peeper) had the instinct to look away and then quickly look back. At this point, I shouted to my ex, that there was someone watching us from outside. He jumped, opened the window and shouted various amusing warnings. He could see that the grass was disturbed so that someone had been there and by the looks of it more than once.

From further inspection the next morning, we found out that he had jumped the small hedge and exited through my neighbours garden.” — treatmelikeatable

Hospital ghost

“I’m a nurse and I used to work day shift at my old job. I was walking down the hallway with my computer-on-wheels (COW) to pass meds one afternoon. I was in between two patient rooms, not really close to either door, and far away from the nurse’s station and kitchenette. I could hear one of the physical therapists talking to a patient in one of the rooms, but no one else was in the hallway. I was looking down at my papers to kind of get myself organized before going to see another patient. All of a sudden in my right ear, like someone was standing right behind me, I heard a female voice say “I’m COLD!!!” in kind of a jokey way, like someone would do a big shiver and rub their arms and say, brrrr, I’m COLD! I turned around thinking it was my friend Brittney goofing on me but there was no one there. There was no one in the hallway at all.” — MuninnMoraine

They want you to know they’re there

“My wife and our two friends are hanging out one evening chatting away, my son and his friend were( the son of one of the people we were hanging out with) were asleep in his room. The four of us hear a blood curdling yell. I swear it was her sons and she swears it was my sons voice. She races through the kitchen and into the room to see what has happened, nothing, they were sound asleep. She comes back through the kitchen to tell us and freezes in terror. Every single door and drawer is open, 23 of them. In the 10 seconds she was out of the kitchen everything was opened. 6 of them are high enough to be out of reach to everyone except me. Didn’t sleep too well that night.” — Icamp2cook

Toilet ghost

“As a child I walked into the toilet in my Great grandfather’s house (I lived with him for a while) and he was sitting on the toilet and had not locked the door.

I spluttered out an apology as I backed out and shut the door, then I stood on the other side of the door and realised that he had died some time before, shook my head and went back in to the empty toilet.

I have never really forgotten the feeling of ‘Well, that simply is not real’.” — Pedantichrist


“We have a Wii. The sensor bar is on the TV stand directly in front of the TV… as is anyones…

We dont have the cord wrapped up or anything it just hangs behind the TV in a jumble.
One night we were watching TV cuddling on the couch, when suddenly, the Wii sensor bar literally flies across the room til it got to the end of its length and fell to the floor.

Like someone had grabbed it and chucked it across the room.

We could find no explanation for this whatsoever. We had a cat and a dog at the time but cat was sleeping in another room, and dog was on the couch with us.” — InthegrOTTO87

Patio lunch

“Was out at lunch in midtown Atlanta with some coworkers. We sat out on the patio. There are some high rise condos right across the street. Some guy jumped from his ~40th floor balcony and splattered all over the roof of someone’s Jetta. Everything went everywhere. The noise was pretty memorable as well. We noped out of there before ordering. It was a super silent ride back to work. One of my coworkers said he won’t sit out on patios anymore when eating.” — incognitoATwork

Creepy student

“I am a teacher of adult students, and one student of mine is kind of intense and creepy. Actually, she’s based at another school, but specifically started attending classes at my school after meeting me. When i first started, she kept giving me ‘welcome presents’ as I was new to the country. Just simple things like food, postcards and books, which was a nice idea but it seemed a little excessive. She added me on social media and then got upset when i didn’t reply to her constant messages (i told her that i don’t really use social media).

Anyway, i didn’t see her for a few months and figured she’d just gone back to her own school or stopped studying or whatever, and was relieved that she’d clearly got bored of me. But then last week she comes in and gives me an envelope full of photos of me during lessons that she’d taken… without me knowing.” — antisarcastics


“Was working in an office pretty late, 100% sure I was the only one there. The AC system shuts down at like 7PM, and until it does, you don’t notice how much noise it was actually making. Office got extremely quiet, which is unsettling to begin with, and I had my office door closed. About thirty minutes later, I hear the muted voice of a little girl with a heavy British accent saying “mommy, I think he’s in this one.” (note: I live in the American south, so there is no good reason for a British child to be there) Almost shit my pants as the door cracked ever so slightly, until a real live little girl popped her head in and says “nope, wrong one. Sorry!” Turns out, her American stepfather was still in the building.” — MotleyBru

Haunted clocks

“At our old house the clock on my nightstand always jumped ahead by five minute increments every few days. I’d change it out – electric, battery powered, any clock that was on my night stand would do it. Watched our room to make sure no one was messing with me. It was just… weird.” — focusly

He wasn’t asleep

“I often visit WalMart in the wee hours of the morning. One time I went in about 2 am and noticed and elderly gentlemen asleep on one of the mobility scooters at the entrance. When I left bout 20 minutes later, he was still there. I thought it was a little odd no one from the store had woken him up, but whatever. Found out the next day he had died and spent the better part of a day on display as a corpse at the entrance to walmart.” — bobombpom

Dead cats

“Years ago when I was a senior in high school, I had a day were I wasn’t feeling to great. So I decided, as I occasionally did, to skip out on my last two classes and head home. That meant no school buses obviously so I would just walk the 3 miles home. Before the age of computer cell phones this was a pretty long, boring hike to take so I decided to take a short cut through some small wooded trail along the creek.

Eventually I came across a dead cat lying in the middle of the trail. As I walked around it I noticed another dead cat to my left. Looked to my right and sure enough there was another. Creeped out, I looked behind me and noticed two more, and yet another two in front of me. they were all laid out in a giant circle, with one in the middle. Almost like a half assed pentagam.

I speeded up the pace and got the hell out of there. Never took that trail again. Thinking back a really weird thing is that there was no visible damage to any of the cats, to blood or cuts, the dead.” — PMmebassguitars


“I worked for Radioshack back in the late 90’s and I was scheduled to open on a Saturday morning. I go in the door, lock up behind me and go to the back to get things ready, only to see my boss sitting at the chair in the back with his tie around his neck and tied up to a inventory rack with his pants around his ankles and he’s dead with his still erect dong in his hands.

That is the day I started drinking heavily.” — meandrunkR2D2

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