67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Room Four

Benign ghost

“Almost every night my TV turns on by itself at some point between 3-5 am. I used to think that maybe it was one of my cats who walked across the remote, but I’ve tried hiding the remote, putting it places where they couldn’t get to it, and it still happens.

Now I just turn the sound all the way down, before I go to bed. The TV will still get turned on, but at least then I won’t be woken up by it.

I’m sure there’s some reasonable explanation for it, but I rather like the idea of having a benign ghost, who likes late-night TV, living in my tiny apartment with me.” — Lilebi


“I had a customer come into my work wearing a trench coat and ushanka type hat. Looked to have something strapped to his shirt under the coat with duct tape. He left, I messaged my wife about how creepy he was and that I thought he had a bomb on his chest. He came back 15 minutes later and thanked me for being polite and started talking about religion and Obama being the Anti-Christ. Turns out he was on his way to shoot up the Planned Parenthood and he managed to kill 3 people.” — Yizzar1234

The universe turned off

“About three years ago, my old roommate and I were just hanging out in our living room watching a show or something in the middle of the day, when all of the sudden for like a split second everything went pitch black. Like, everything. It was not a power outage, our TV remained on and there were no blinking clocks. It was more as if the universe just turned off for a half-second.

As if this utterly unparalleled experience wasn’t enough on its own, my roommate looked over at me right after it happened and said “Did you see that?”” — lmMrMeeseeksLookAtMe

Family story

“When I was about 10, something real weird happened to my family.

We were all asleep, as usual, and I slept in the same room as my brother, and my mum with my father and younger brother. In the middle of the night, the safe in my parents’ room starts going off as if someone was playing with it. My parents didn’t think much about it, went back to bed, and right as they did that, my brother’s toys (the ones that had those children’s songs) started playing music, without anyone touching it. They were a little freaked out, but it went away after a few minutes so they went back to bed.
However, in the morning, when my mum brought my brother to the shower, she saw a red handprint on his back that was too big to be hers but too small to be my father’s. I saw the handprint, and it looked as though someone had slapped my brother, but nobody did and he slept quite well.

My mum called her family, and told my grandparents about it. After a few phone calls, we found out that my paternal grandma died that night, while we were asleep. So our family came up with the explanation that my grandma wanted to see my newborn brother so she payed us a little visit (my family is a bit superstitious, but apparently it’s normal for South Europeans). I still am unable to explain that and it still is a little scary to think about.” — Aleksandra1128


“When I was young we use to live in a house that we didn’t know was haunted at the time. There were many thing I remember happening, but the one that freaked me out was when my sister’s said that whenever they tried to look for me, they always found me in my mom and dads closet with the door closed. I would be sitting there in the dark and play with my toys, and when they asked why I was in there I would say I’m playing with my friends.
Other things kept happening that my parents brought a medicine man to the house. He told us that an old man and his 2 granddaughters died in a fire in the house. So he did his ceremony to get rid of the spirits, he told us to leave the front door open for tonight and we all sleep in the living room. towards the middle of the night I remember we all woke up to the sound of the front door slamming shut, indicating that the spirits have left us.” — nativelight

The thin person

“My father’s story. One day he was cooking for the family. The living room and kitchen is one room where in the middle of it, there is a corridor that leads to our bedrooms. As he was cooking he turned around and saw this really tall and thin ”person” runs from our living room through the corridor. My father as a man of science does not believe in the paranormal, but this got him… He went to check in every single bedroom just to be sure about it. That is the part that terrifies me.” — DimitrisPla

Ghost sister

“I was waiting at my Nan’s house alone for a couple of hours and it was all fine and dandy. I was sat on an armchair near the door of the living room and I hear my sister clearly call my name in an annoyed way. She wasn’t in the house! My heart started beating like crazy and then when she did come in to the house about 40 minutes later she just laughed at me . I still don’t know what it was or if my mind was playing tricks on my but it was very creepy.” — k-f-p


“This happened to my old coworker:

TC mark

She was in the process of purchasing a new home. Her and her family would visit the developing home every weekend just to see the progress of the house. A few weeks passed where life got busy and they couldn’t visit it. Her 3 year old daughter came up to her one day and said, “mommy when are we going to the house again? I wanna see my friend!” She replied, “Oh ok sweetie, we’re going there tomorrow actually.” She said, “Yay!” And ran off. My coworker thought that maybe she was talking about a neighborhood kid or something like that and didn’t think much of it. They visit the house the following day, and on the way home, her daughter starts crying. “Mommy I’m so sad I didn’t see my friend!” And she replied, “Oh honey, don’t worry. Maybe you’ll see your friend next weekend when we go.” So my coworker prayed that night to basically bring her daughter comfort and make her forget about this “friend.” That or have her see whoever this is next weekend. Well… the next day her daughter comes running into the room saying, “Mommy mommy I’m so happy I saw my friend!” She replied, “Oh you did? Where did you see your friend?” (Confused because she always talks about seeing her “friend” on the other side of town). “I saw her in the mirror.” Her daughter replied. “Wut?” My coworker said. “She said she loves me but she can’t see me anymore.” My coworker asked, “What’s your friends name? And what does she look like?” Her daughter responded, “She’s really pretty! Long dark hair, and her name is Deanna.” My coworker’s heart sank. That was the name of her sister that died at birth.” — katiebug0313 

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